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Aussie Girl’s Guide To Coffee In: Prague, Czech Republic

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Best Coffee In Prague | Czech Republic | The Macadames - 14

Note: I am not a coffee connoisseur or anything, I just like good coffee. I don’t know the coffee lingo or the ways to describe flavour, but I have done my best to do so. If you actually know what you’re talking about, please don’t laugh. The intention of his post was to find good coffee shops to save you having to suffer bad coffee. I hope they help. Happy travels! xx 

From chatting to local baristas, I was told that until recently Prague and coffee didn’t really go hand in hand. Prague and beer on the other hand, you’re spoiled for choice. But given I don’t drink beer, I went on the hunt for Prague’s best coffee.

I was told that not long ago the standard coffee was served Turkish style but over the past few years, specialty coffee houses have been popping up all around town.

During my short few days, I managed to get around to 4 venues and can say overall I was pretty impressed. Scattered across town, at these venues you’ll be sure to find your perfect cup of joe.

If there are any places I’ve missed, please pop them in the comments – i’m sure future bean hunters will be grateful.

Můj šálek kávy


Owned by the specialty coffee-roasting company, Doubleshot, Můj šálek kávy take their coffee pretty seriously. They offer coffee tasting flights where you get to try 3 coffees of your choice. If I hadn’t been on a tour of 4 cafes in one day, I would definatley have gone for this. I can never usually resist degustations of any kind.

Location: Křižíkova 105, Praha 8 (“B” Křižíkova, tram Urxova)

Coffee (5/5): I ordered a flat white and it came perfectly presented, had a fine roast flavour and was so creamy and smooth. Definitely the best coffee I found in Prague.


Mujsalekkavy | Prague | The Macadames - 15


Atmosphere: The cafe has a casual, provincial and relaxed atmosphere and definitely encourages you to linger for a while. It’s a full cafe so was on the noisy side but that didn’t bother me at all.  

Seating: There are loads of tables & seats inside and out. The outdoor area is beautiful and a perfect place to soak up the sun. 

Service: My server was very friendly, spoke very good english, however did ask for a tip, but this may be customary in Czech? 

Food: It’s a cafe so had a full menu. We sampled their hummus plate and gazpacho which was so delicious and perfect for the heat of the day. 

Wifi: Yes








Mujsalekkavy | Prague | The Macadames - 05




Here’s the gorgeous outdoor area.


Mujsalekkavy | Prague | The Macadames - 17



Known as being the first importer and roaster of Fair Trade coffee in Central Europe, Mamacoffee boasts a wide range of beans including their signature blend made with cardamon.

Location: There are several around town, I visited the one on Čechova 1, Praha 7.

Coffee (4.5/5): I really wanted to try their cardamon coffee however this wasn’t available so I ordered their drip-brewed coffee which was served in a gorgeous clear jug and is a very generous portion, enough for 2 people to share. It was perfectly balanced and had a subtle sweetness so it didn’t need sugar.



Atmosphere: The venue was nicely decorated and had a trendy yet homely feel.  The outside area is overed in vines and slightly shaded, so has a hidden garden feel. 

Seating: There are loads on seats inside & out however if the weather is nice the garden seating out the front is just gorgeous. 

Service: My server was friendly, helpful and happy to answer all the questions I had about their coffee and beans. 

Food: Sweets, cakes & snacks. Make sure you have one of their home made cookies, they looked divine.

Wifi: Yes



Mamacoffee | Prague | The Macadames - 04

Here’s the hidden garden area.


Dům Kávy


Although this isn’t a glowing review, several people seem to fancy this venue as their favourite so I thought I would include it anyway, I hope you have more luck that me!

Location: Mezi Vodami 1903/17a, 143 00 Praha 12 Modřany

Coffee (2.5/5): I ordered a latte which was MASSIVE and served tepid. The flavour was weak and not very balanced. The mister ordered a macchiato and it was burnt & bitter.


Atmosphere: Although I have seen people rave about this venue, I was not very impressed. The place had no vibe whatsoever and actually looked very messy, unkept and a tad grimy (not in a good way). 

Seating: There are a handful of tables inside and none outside. 

Service: My server was timid but friendly. 

Food: Sweets, snacks & cakes. We tried their carrot cake which was nothing special. 

Wifi: Yes


Al Cafetero


Location: Blanická 24 Praha 2, Vinohrady

Coffee (3.5/5): I ordered the latte and although it was pretty good, it was nothing to write home about. When I asked the barista where the sugar was, he looked at me in shock and said “our coffee doesn’t need sugar”. Personally I don’t like baristas that presume to tell you how YOUR coffee should be but maybe he was just having a bad day. Please note when writing this post,  I found that their house specialty was in fact their brewed coffee served in a vacuum pot – so be sure to try that on your visit.


Atmosphere: It was a quiet little place with bookshelves stacked with books & board games and comfy looking couches. Perfect for lingering with friends over your morning/afternoon coffee. 

Seating: There are a handful tables and stools inside and a few outside. 

Service: I was pretty disappointed with the service (read more above). The barista was talking to a customer when I arrived and only acknowledged me after wrapping up the conversation over several minutes & looking slightly irritated I had interrupted his conversation. 

Food: Sweets, snacks & cakes. Although I didn’t get the chance to try, I have read that their traditional Czech plum cake is second to none. 

Wifi: Yes

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Anisa – The Macadames. xx

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  1. Shevon

    August 20th, 2014 at 4:12 am

    I am loving your coffee posts, Euro coffee suxxxx!

  2. Anisa

    May 18th, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    It sure does but hopefully these posts help you out on your next trip

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